Storage World Conference 2005

2005 Agenda

Color key
Blue: General Session: Keynotes, Rountables, Panels
Green: Tutorials: Part of the Storage World Education Program (SWEP)
Red: ASNP End-User Perspective Series


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7:45 am - 8:45 am         ASNP BOFs at Breakfast
8:00 am - 9:00 am
         Breakfast - Promenade Foyer

Time Architecture & Technology Track Storage Management Track Business Continuance/Disaster Recovery Track
9:00 am - 9:50 am 

Tutorial 1
Storage Networking 101 -     Instructor - Dave Deming, President & CTO, Solution Technology

This tutorial surveys the different techniques used to combine networks and storage into a Storage Network. All technologies will be surveyed to provide the user with an overall perspective of storage networking technology and the plethora of options available in the market today. The user will become familiar with the technology, terminologies, and techniques used to build today’s storage networks. This tutorial sets the foundation for sessions that follow.


  • DAS
    ATA/IDE and SATA
    SCSI and SAS
  • NAS
  • SAN
    Fibre Channel
  • IP Storage
  • Storage Networking Applications
    Backup & Recovery
    Disaster Recovery
  • Management and Virtualization

Tutorial 2
Storage Management

This tutorial investigates why storage management is important, the terminology associated with storage networking, the technology and architectures used in the industry today, as well as emerging trends, and the standards associated with storage networking.


  • Importance of Storage Management
  • Current Management Strategies
    Data Management
    Network & Infrastructure Management
    Device Management
  • Future Storage Management Strategies
    Vendor Management Philosophies
    Product Integration
  • Management Standards
    SNIA Shared Storage Model
    SNIA Storage Management Initiative (SMI) –Version 1.1

Tutorial 3
BC/DR Concepts 101 -              Instructor - Don Mead, VP Storage Networking Solutions, FalconStor Software

This tutorial presents the trends, challenges, and consequences of business continuance theory and technology. It begins by investigating the traditional approaches to business continuance and rounds out the program with a perspective of how storage networking has evolved business continuance techniques.




  • The IT Departments Challenges
    Service Outage Categories
  • Cost of Downtime
    Financial Impact of a Disaster
  • Traditional Approach to Business Continuance
  • What are Disasters?
    Causes of Downtime
    Levels of Preparedness
  • Recovery Options
  • Recovery Requirements
    Quantifying the Impact of Disaster Recovery
    Evaluating the Correct Level of Protection
  • Defining Levels of Availability
    How to Measure Availability
  • Design Considerations
  • Protecting Business Critical Information and Assets


10:00 am - 10:50 am                                         

Tutorial 4
The Nuts and Bolts of Data Management for SMBs

This drill-down tutorial covers the basics of protecting data and safely delivering file systems to your customer. New technology enhancements will be surveyed, including the implications for future applications.



·          Archiving

·          Backup

·          Data Replication

·          HSM

·          RAID Volumes

·          Unmasking

·          Zoning









Tutorial 5
Storage Virtualization - What, Why, Where and How?

Instructor - Robert Peglar, Chief Architect & Chief Technologist, Xiotech Corporation

Storage Virtualization is one of the 'buzzwords' in the industry, especially with the increased acceptance of Storage Networks. But besides all the hype, there is a lot of confusion, too. Companies are using the term virtualization and its characteristics in various forms.


This tutorial describes the reasons and benefits of virtualization in a technical and vendor-neutral way. The audience will understand the various terms and will receive a clear picture of the different virtualization approaches. Links to the SNIA Shared Storage Model and the usage of the SNIA Storage Virtualization Taxonomy will help to achieve this goal.

This tutorial is intended for IT Directors, Managers, Storage and System Administrators who have responsibilities for IT infrastructures and storage management tasks.


  • What is Virtualization?
  • SNIA Shared Storage Model
    Virtualization versus Aggregation
    The Storage Stack
    Problems Associated with Technology
    Benefits of Virtualization
  • SNIA Virtualization Taxonomy
    Disk Virtualization
    Block Virtualization
    Tape Virtualization
  • Where does Virtualization Reside
  • How to Administer Virtualization
    In-band Virtualization
    Out-of-band Virtualization
    Virtualization Devices
  • File System or Record Virtualization
  • Virtualization and Data Protection
    Point-in-time copies
    Data Replication

Tutorial 6
Put Your Network On Steroids: How Capacity Optimization Makes Data Replication for DR Affordable and Reliable  

Data Domain

New Capacity Optimized Storage (COS) technologies are putting traditional networks on steroids and enabling super efficient, long-term, low bandwidth, low cost WAN replication.

In this presentation, you will see how companies are successfully storing three to six months of data backups online on disk while simultaneously replicating this data from site to site over low bandwidth connections.



  • How to replicate massive amounts of data over WANs using low bandwidth connections
  • How unique Data Invulnerability features ensure that the data you have protected up is actually recoverable
  • How Capacity Optimization is going to fundamentally change the applications your can deploy and the data you can protect over your existing WAN connections.













11:00 am - 11:50 am                                   

Tutorial 7
Fibre Channel Technology and Futures

Instructor - Eric Clark, Senior Systems Engineer, Brocade Communications Systems, Inc.

This tutorial educates the user on Fibre Channel technology. Topics will cover current and future implementations and technology roadmaps of the most successfully deployed SAN technology to date. The user will learn how Fibre Channel solves business applications requirements like storage/server consolidation, backup and recovery, and distance and connectivity issues. A discussion of emerging trends and their impact on future networked storage applications will round up the session.


  • Technology Characteristics
  • Topologies
    Arbitrated Loop
    Fabric Switch
  • Components
    GBICs. MIAs,
    Tape Backup
  • Configurations
  • Optical and Copper Solutions
  • Distance, Speed and Connectivity Capabilities
  • Architectural Design Consideration
  • Extending Fibre Channel SANs

Tutorial 8
Storage Resource Management - Monitoring Performance and Maintenance Practices

Instructor - Chris Cichetti, Director of Technical Business Development, Finisar Corporation 

Monitoring performance and maintenance practices remains one of the biggest challenges for storage administrators today.  With stringent service levels around application response time and availability, degradation of performance in the storage environment or a maintenance issue can quickly become a critical business problem.   What makes matters worse and more complex is that storage environments consist of a variety of interrelated components whose interoperability creates multiple points of vulnerability that allow performance problems to creep in. Failure to proactively manage performance and maintenance practices, however, is no longer an option.


  • Key performance and maintenance issues to be considered as part of storage operations
  • Best practices for design and implementation
  • Tools and solutions for automation performance and maintenance management
  • Organizational challenges

Tutorial 9
Unlocking the Value of Long Term Data

Instructor - Chris Santilli, Chief Architect and Co-Founder, COPAN Systems

The essence of unlocking the value of long-term data is in providing timely access to selected portions of that long-term (fixed content or reference) data, and that means that it must be accessed directly from disks and not staged from tape.

IT organizations looking for an alternative to tape libraries that provides for reliable and accessible storage of long-term data willlearn how easily MAID (Massive Array of Idle Disks) storage solutions can be added to their tiered storage strategy.

Mr. Santilli, Chief Architect at COPAN Systems, will discuss how a MAID platform provides for data protection and performance equivalent to online storage subsystems, and how this new tier of storage integrates seamlessly into existing backup and restore environments and can also be deployed as active archives that are readily accessible.

Attendees of this session will learn how a MAID-based solution is the first step in retaining large amounts of data that can be retrieved on-demand. Attendees will also learn they can have the ability to provision 100’s of Terabytes in the same system, with a single point of management, enabling IT managers to scale resources to manage Petabytes.


12:00 pm - 3:00 pm                                                 Exhibits Open, Hall B    Lunch and Face-to-Face Sessions                                                                                                           
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm Breakout Sessions

3:00 pm - 3:50 pm                               

Breakout 1
Connectivity - Inside and 
Outside the Data Center

Moderator: Mark Cree, Venture Partner, Vesbridge Partners     

Storage networking has pushed connectivity to strategic levels. As requirements for performance, reliability, distance, availability and security vary inside and outside the data center, the optimal connectivity strategy may involve integrating multiple protocols and different architectures. This session will address the principle issues regarding connectivity and will highlight what future connectivity enhancements lay ahead.

Breakout 2
ILM and Compliance

Moderator: John Webster, Senior Analyst and Partner, Data Mobility Group      

Most storage vendors have strongly embraced the growing wave of interest in ILM and compliance. This session will discuss the impact of ILM on storage management, what steps must be taken to maintain compliance, and the pieces that are still missing in order to build a fully functional ILM model for IT.

Breakout 3
Analyzing the Future of Tape

Moderator: Robert C. Abraham, President, Freeman Reports 

The magnetic tape industry revenue has been down slightly since the middle of 2000 when the global and economic downturn began, but the financial decline has been much less than that of the disk industry. This panel will address several strategic issues for tape market growth including virtual tape, fixed content/compliance/archival storage, pricing deltas compared to disk and tremendous cartridge capacity increases that lie ahead.                            

4:00 pm - 4:50 pm 

Breakout 4
SANs in the Future -
Where are they Headed?

Moderator: Randy Kerns, Senior Partner, Evaluator Group  

The popularity of SANs began to soar in the late 1990s, and they were hailed as the final answer for optimizing the storage infrastructure. Today, SANs face new challenges, including expensive implementations, increasing management complexity, connecting SAN islands, support for files, and increasing security challenges. Moving storage intelligence to the SAN has recently risen to the forefront of many development activities. This lively discussion will analyze the future for storage area networks as they evolve beyond the original vision to meet the needs of the future.

Breakout 5
Storage Management Headaches-
What is the Cure?


Storage is growing faster than the deployment of its management capabilities, but laying the foundation for a long-term solution requires significant effort. With a continuing shortage of knowledgeable trained storage administrators, software and technology must ultimately combine for this gap to close. This session will reveal the latest developments underway to ultimately close this gap and enable storage management to get to the next level.

Breakout 6
Disk Based Backup -
What are the Options?

Moderator: W. Curtis Preston, VP Data Protection Services, GlassHouse Technologies, Inc. 

As data becomes increasingly more valuable each day, the ability to effectively protect data from device failures, as well as from the growing intrusion threat, ranks as the number one customer issue. The use of disk for backup has gained significant momentum in the past year, providing a new menu of options and each item has its own merit. This leading edge session will unravel the emerging role of disk and discuss the tradeoffs with tape for backup/recovery.

5:00 pm - 7:00 pm                        Exhibits Open- Evening Reception          
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm                       
Networking Reception
8:00 pm - 9:30 pm                        SWC Awards Banquet

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